The Animal Farm

March 31st, 2005

New Toys

Channel 101 has posted their new set of films. The ‘Bu is again a disappointment, since its original creators have apparently vanished leaving people who, while talented, are not pushing the show along. Jorma, come back to us.

Penny Arcade now has twelve pages up on their interesting Spy Manual and eight pages of Brothers in Arms comics. I commend Gabe and Tycho. Back when I first started reading PA, they were big, but they were big as far as web comics go. Now they are doing work for the makers of freaking Splinter Cell. Bravo.

I’m still waiting to see if I got the internship over the summer. This anticipation is driving me crazy. Every time there’s something new in my In-Box, my stomach turns a little and I tingle all over. When I discover it’s just a porn advertisement, I get a little disappointed and click on the link just to be sure Dr. Vanscoy isn’t playing a cruel trick. Because professors are mean like that.

Zach and I watched the majority of Firefly again last night. I suspect when Doss comes to claim the show, he will be claiming a part of my soul in the process.


Intergalactic Planetary.

March 29th, 2005


Brian, we all know I can’t be impotent. If I were impotent, you would never have been concieved. And as for being ugly, eh, we can’t win ‘em all.

That scheduling thing wouldn’t bother me so much if it happened once, instead of every semester. I am not saying it is going to prevent me from getting into a class, just a minor hiccup that could be easily prevented, provided Star didn’t suck.

My dear readers, I am faced with a dilemma. I saw the new PSP today, Ginnie’s roomate has one. I now have an undeniable urge to buy one of these majestic contraptions. I rarely play my DS because of a complete lack of any good games. I am hoping that with the PSP, I will have a good selection of games. I still am not 100% on buying it, but if I do, it will be in the next few weeks. I’ll keep you informed. Research must be done before I spend $250 on a new toy.

I didn’t put Brian’s name on the my last end-of-post quote because I didn’t want anyone thinking he was serious when he said it. I apologize, Sowas, I was wrong to have plagerized. However, Sowas has given me explicit directions on a few select quotes I should plagerize, but I won’t post ‘em.


“I thought you smelled fresh” ~ Gabe

March 28th, 2005

Jigga What?

I never thought I’d see the day when Zach updated more than I. I thought he shied away from updating on the grounds that he was impotent and generally ugly. Apparently I was wrong. That doesn’t stop him.

I was more-or-less unaffected by the scheduling conflicts Zach had. This was mostly because I crashed into Dr. Atkins’s office with my arms flailing, screaming obscenities and gnawing on his head until he fixed my problems. The only thing I have left is to get a signature from Dr. Baker, and I’m pretty sure the same tactic will yield satisfactory results. If not, I shall ask nicely and use arcane incantations such as “please.”

Yet another person has been grasped by Resident Evil 4. Evan came over at approximately 3:30 on Saturday. We played Alien Hominid for a little bit, and then he said he wanted to try Resident Evil 4. At 1:00 in the morning, he quit. Apparently the game is good. One day I fully intend to play it.

In regards to Devil May Cry 3, yea, I judged a little too soon. The game takes a bit of skill and getting used to, but it’s not quite as hard as my initial portrayal.

Zach, you plagiarizing fool! If you’re going to quote me, I demand credit!

March 28th, 2005

Scheduling Woes

This is more of a rant than anything. Alright, Every semester it is the same thing; we go to our advisor, we tell him what classes we are taking/have taken, he gives us a special PIN and we go on our merry way. We get up at 7am( the earliest you can schedule ), and we enter in our previously looked up course numbers. The entire system is automated so it ideally should work without a hitch. Haha, maybe in a perfect world. Maybe the software does work pretty well, but not entirely. I remember my first semester I deleted one course to add another one. Their times overlapped, so I had to remove the course before adding the new one. Well, once I removed the new one the system said I had a time conflict with the removed course when I tried to add the new one. It also wouldn’t allow me to re-add the one because I was “already enrolled in this class.” I ended up having to go to AnR( admissions and records ) to get them to do it manually. This kinda stuff happens all the time with the Star system here at WVU. Just today I had to schedule and I got two rather amazing problems. One, the Senior Design class had a max capacity if FIVE students, which means they only expect to have FIVE computer science graduates in Spring ‘06. When I told my advisor this, he just scoffed, mumbled what sounded like profanity, and said that was definately not right. The other thing has happened to me about 4 times since I’ve been here; I need a signature to get into what appears to be a normal class. I am sure I could just as well forge the signature, since the people who manually enter it in barely look at it, but I will get the signature, per request of the retarded Star system. For the last few cases where I needed a signature, the professor of the class didn’t even know he wanted signatures for it. Freaking hell. I really hate scheduling. The only thing good to come out of this is my schedule; I am in 3 electives( 2 of which are entry level freshman courses ) and 2 real classes( 1 of which is Computer Graphics, which will rule. )


“Yeah, I’d hit that. You know, beat her around a little bit, maybe hit her into the dirt.”

March 26th, 2005

Anthony DMC3 review

This was done by Anthony over at his journal. He pretty much said the game was a joke compared to Ninja Gaiden, and I believe it. I tend to agree with what he said, I think just watching Sowas play and getting mauled at the beginning of the game( level 2 ) made me scared to switch from easy back to normal. Now that I know how to play and am relatively unchallenged as of late, I am pretty sure I could start over in normal and rock it out. I will probably do this later though. I feel like pwning the rest of the game with “easy” just because I already spent several hours of my life getting to where I am.


I pwn you with easy.

March 25th, 2005

Chief Editor

I hereby name Forrest Doss as Chief Editor of The Animal Farm. Congratulations. The pay is nonexistant, the benefits suck, and ‘your mom’ jokes are now fair game as with everyone else who works here. On the bright side, you get a free pita if you come to claim your coupon.

I recently took an AI test which made me cry on the inside and wail hysterically on the outside. It wasn’t so much that it was particularly hard or unexpected, but many of the questions were subject to a wide number of interpretations. I can only hope I did well. At any rate, regardless of the grade I receive, I should still have a pretty solid grade in the class.

Nothing powerful is happening at present. I think our Chief Editor plans on coming over sometime this weekend, and I have some documents to write, and there will be many video games played. Aside from that, I expect to be pretty relaxed.

I’m going to punch you in the face with my car.

March 24th, 2005


The good lord Doss sent me an email about my last post stating that, technically Easter celebrates three days after he died. Therefore it was not an event in his life. I will accept that it isn’t an event in his first life, but “on the third day, he rose again” basically means he was ressurected, which means it was, and this may be a stretch, his second life. So it was an event in one of his lives, he was just too cool for school and got to have two. Though the second one did last a bit shorter than the first.


Buy you lemonade right now, if you were here. And I’d throw it in your face.

March 24th, 2005

Time to update this muth

I had a lot of stuff to update about over these last few weeks in which I haven’t updated, I just didn’t. I blame it on lack of motivation, you want me to update, Sowas? Beat me more often.

Alright, I guess I will start with that IEP meeting I went to the night of the last time I updated. The night started off with some routine, run of the mill speeches from the heads of the department. Later, it went on to some rather hilarious plays performed by the students graduating that night. I am pretty sure they were hilarious because of how they sounded. The line “I lub you” is definately hilarious when said by one girl who is playing the part of a guy to another girl. The other plays/skits were all really good and got a healthy chuckle out of me. The bery rast thing they performed was “Country Roads” by John Denver. If you go to WVU you know that song is our motto, and have probably heard it a million times. If you don’t go here, you probably still know the song. Anyway, they sang every other verse in Japanese and it was amazing. I have actually heard the song sung in Japanese before, but that was by the movie that beat The Last Pirate, Japanese John Denver. That movie was amazing, by the way. About 1/3 of the way into their little singalong, they all started crying uncontrollably because they realized that they were leaving the next morning, it was rather touching/heartbreaking. I would say they cried the buckets of tears, I just got uncomfortable. Fin.

I beat RE4 twice over Spring Break, and it was good. I also started programming a little project I had planned on finishing by now, but I haven’t programmed since Spring Break. If I don’t finish a project in less than a week, it will probably never be finished. Bah!

I recently started playing Devil May Cry 3 and let me tell you, it is freaking amazing. It isn’t as hard as I had read it was, but that could be because I rocked the first one so many times I could almost beat the game without taking damage. Granted, I am playing on easy, but I have only been challenged once since I learned how to play it. I am assuming the later difficulties are hard, but not the kind of hard that I read about. Anthony, I don’t think you will quit out of frustration ala Ninja Gaiden. Side note, Shinobi means “to sneak” in Japanese. So the game Shinobi and the ninja in the game are named to sneak. Probably pretty boring for the Nihon-jin Kids, eh? Same with the cat from Secret of Mana, he was named Neko.. that is just Japanese for cat. I mean, could you imagine playing an amazing videogame where characters are named just for what they do/are? I am sure there are kid’s stories out there like that, but jeeze.

One last thing,
I was eating at Yama, a Japanese resturant, the other day when one of the peeps I was getting my eat on with told us a story about her friend. Employees do not get Easter Day off where her friend( Alias: SHE ) works and when she asked “We get Christmas off, why don’t we get Easter off?” Her boss replied, “Because Christmas is a religious holiday.” That boss did NOT deserve the title boss. Not only is Easter a religious holiday, it is the SAME FREAKING RELIGION. On top of that, it is celebrating an event in the SAME FREAKING GUY’S LIFE!! People like that deserve death. Period.


Fauth her!? I don’t even know her!

March 19th, 2005

Chewing Gum is Really Gross

I’m about to shred every ounce of street cred I had with my next statement, but I don’t care: I just witnessed a Mussleman High School rendition of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, and it was rad.

Now, for all those who think I divined the existence of the play in my dreams and then sacrified a night of wild partying - Brian style - to witness it, think again. My little sister was in the play, so I was obligated under the guidelines of Good-Older-Brother to attend. Honestly, though, it was pretty awesome. I’ve always liked the movie, and the play rendition was spot-on - with a few parts that I thought were actually done better despite being performed by people no older than fifteen. I’d advise you to see it, but unless you can get to Martinsburg by tomorrow night, your chances are pretty miniscule.

And one other thing, before I go. I just read a news article about a person with a vanity license plate reading “TIPSY” (yea, I know). He was arrested coming from a bar and was found to have a blood alcohol level of twice the legal limit. The article goes on to say “it was the license plate that no doubt tipped off the cop.” Because, you know, it couldn’t have been the fact that he was obviously drunk and unfit for driving. Freaking humans.

If you are wise you’ll listen to me.

March 17th, 2005

Spring Break Is So Hard

I think most gamers go through a phase when they stop playing games for an extended period of time. It could be that they lose interest or that they’re too busy or that their wives hit them with brooms whenever they are having fun. Whatever the reason, I had been going through that phase until just recently. But it is over.

I knew my bank account would cringe when I bought Resident Evil 4. I’m a poor college student, and I can’t afford to be tossing the green around whenever a pretty box catches my eye. I didn’t care, though, and I purchased the game with only slight feelings of guilt. I’ve already talked about the game, so I won’t go into much detail, but suffice it to say that the game has served as catalyst to propel me back into gaming.

Sometime near the beginning of Spring Break, I was pretty bored. It was mid-day. There was nobody to call, as everyone was either in another state or at work or galavanting with infinitely less cool people than I. Zach had Resident Evil 4, because, well, I don’t own a GameCube despite owning two games for it. Law & Order wasn’t on. But I had a decent sum of money in my bank account. My solution to my boredom seemed pretty simple at the time: go buy a game. The choice was between Alien Hominid, Devil May Cry 3, and Ys 4. I went with Alien Hominid.

Alien Hominid is an interesting game. You play an alien whose ship was blown up by the FBI, and now you have to find it and escape the planet. Doing so, naturally, requires you slay nearly every FBI agent along with the giant robots they’ve constructed. The game is not easy, which normally I approve of, but not so much in this case - the difficulty is typically cheesy, there-was-no-way-to-avoid-that, difficulty. There was one boss that literally killed me 18 times, draining away all my continues, before I finally bettered him. Also, playing wears out your arms - you have to press the ‘fire’ button a thousand times, and there is no auto-fire. Despite these shortcomings, though, the game is still pretty fun.

Realizing that this game would not satiate me for the entire week, I shortly proceeded to purchase Devil May Cry 3. It’s important to note that when you play DMC3, you’re going to want to have a glare or an annoying sister talking to you or somebody whaling on an electric guitar beside you, because you’re going to want some excuse for dying 6 times on the second level. To emphasize what this feels like, note that the second level consists of one room. The game is hard, but it’s a good hard - you can clearly get better, and dying is typically your fault. The game is also pretty good. The action is slick, the gameplay mechanics are refined, the music sounds like something off of a Rammstein CD, the graphics are pretty, and the fun is through the roof. Basically, this is what Devil May Cry 2 should have been. Oh, and the story actually seems coherent. If you liked DMC1, you’ll definitely like this.

Games, however, are not the only thing I’ve done over the break. I spent two days with Whitney. The first day, we ate dinner at her place and went to Borders. There I tried Chai tea - which rocks my world - and cheesecake (oddly enough, for the first time). The second day, we lounged around her place and watched two episodes of The Avengers and a Knight’s Tale. If you’ve never watched The Avengers, you’re missing out.

Finally, I’m a little miffed. I was filling out an application for an internship this morning only to realize that the priority date was not, in fact, April 1. It is March 1 this time around - why they changed it this year is beyond me. I can only hope I get this internship - I really want it, but my prospects aren’t looking so high anymore. Oh well. I’ll survive either way.

Seriously, though. That’s low.