The Animal Farm

October 30th, 2004

When Is It?

I just spent the entire day thinking the time was an hour earlier than the actual time. It was odd when I looked over at a clock and it said it was 12 when my computer said it was 11.

Well, damn. That story was a lot less interesting than I thought it would be. I’m just going to stop there.

I’ve spent most of the day installing various programming tools and watching independent films. is a great little site where indie film makers show off their stuff. Currently, my favorite is The ‘Bu. The tools I’ve been installing are for mobile programming. A guy wants me to help him with some Symbian and Pocket PC development. I’m not sure how well that will go, but we’ll see.

Yea, that was a lot less interesting than I thought it would be too. I’m just going to go.

What is a badonkadonk?

October 27th, 2004

Festival de Film

Let me tell you about my Monday.

The day started off with Zach coming into Japanese class telling me he added music to the movie. “Alright,” I said. No big deal. After Japanese, I went to check out the music. I absolutely hated how it fit in, so I took it upon myself to find better music. I re-rendered the movie (about an hour-long process), and it was good. Then I started looking for a way to properly compress the file so that I could take it over to Kyle’s to be put on DVD. After more than a few hours, I get it down to about 180 MB, which is pretty good. The sound is a little garbled, but it’s no big deal. So I took it over to Kyle’s. There, we started searching for ways to properly put the movie on DVD. We finally get it on a DVD, and so I returned home. Zach and I watched the DVD, and the sound was *horrid.* We couldn’t submit anything of such low calibur. So we decided we need to get help. I used Zach’s computer to IM Drew, Lori, Travis, and some person I can’t remember. Lori was an absolute darling and brought over a VHS for us to use. Travis was an absolute darling and picked us up so that we could try various things at his house. We first tried hooking his computer up to a VCR and recording that way. This almost worked, except none of the sound got transferred for God only knows what reason. Then we tried the DVD route again. After a few hours, I managed to find the necessary tools, and I began the burning process. Again, this almost worked, except halfway through the movie the video completely stopped. Finally, we give up and went home. We resorted to our final, desperate plan. We took my camera and recorded the video as it played on Zach’s computer. Then we hooked the camera up through the VCR and recorded it. At long last, this worked with minimal defects.

Oh, and I forgot to mention how long this took. I started the whole process at around 10 in the morning, with minor breaks. I went to Kyle’s at 6 PM and worked non-stop until 3 AM to get the film working. God, what an awful day. I’m not even going to mention the other stuff that went wrong that day.

We did, however, make it into the film festival. We got a pretty good reception from the crowd, too, which I was quite pleased with. We didn’t win, but with competition like “Japanese John Denver” I knew we didn’t stand a chance. Much thanks to everyone who came and supported us.

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to put the movie online. It’s simply too big. If you want to see it, you’re going to have to visit me.

There can be only one.

October 25th, 2004

Editing Goodness

I’ve just finished editing The Last Pirate. Let me empart some knowledge I’ve gained during the production of this film:

1) When filming, you and your cast should *shut the hell up* when the camera is on if you’re not in the scene.
2) Cameras suck. Get a fancy one the first time, and with any luck your footage won’t turn out like crap.
3) Microsoft Movie Maker isn’t meant for any real video editing. It’s meant for narrating your baby’s first steps or capturing memories of your daughter’s prom.
4) If you want free music, Newgrounds rocks.
5) Avoid using hand puppets. Just trust me.
6) If you don’t manage to avoid using hand puppets, try to find a private place to film.
7) Chicks don’t dig pirates. Again, just trust me.
8) I’m a photogenic person. I guess this shouldn’t surprise me, since I’m bloody gorgeous.

That’s everything. Tomorrow morning I’m going to render the movie and drop it off for submission into the film festival. There are a few noticeable flaws, but it’s nothing I can really help. I can’t wait to see myself on the big screen. If I can make a version that’s small enough, I’ll put the movie on the site for everyone to see.

In other news, Whitney came down yesterday. I adore her, as anyone can plainly see. We wandered around Morgantown a bit as I showed her around and we ate various things. We almost went to see Napoleon Dynamite, but I wasn’t in the mood to go out and see a movie for reasons unknown. We talked and meandered and such, and eventually she left (despite my request that she stay forever).

And that, my friends, is all for the night. It’s 12:30 AM and I’m pretty tired.

He punted Baxter!

October 21st, 2004

The Last Pirate

The movie is on its way, children.

October 21st, 2004

Boku wa doko ni imasu ka?

Damn.. I guess I really _have_ forsaken this site. I am sorry peeps, with Anthony here and my life not being so full of “reader entertainment” these past few weeks.. I’ve just really had no reason to update. So I decided that this update’s main focus will be on my most memorable, recent dreams.

I guess I’ll start with a little explaination of “how” I dream. When I dream it is almost _never_ first person. There is usually a “camera” in the dream that follows me or the action around. Also, sometimes I am not even in my dreams, others I am just a secondary character to some huge story, but usually I am the main character in my dream. My dreams play out a lot like movies.

Okay, first I will talk about the dream I call, “Bash of the Samurai Frat.”
In this dream I am a frat boy. This isn’t your ordinary frat though, this frat is full of samurai. Also, this frat is at war with a sorority full of nothing but girls in school girl outfits. The particular battle in the dream took place right outside the Mountain Lair here at WVU. I was pretty much kicking ass and taking names( from unarmed, infuriated sorority school girls ) when suddenly one charges at me from the back. I quickly turn around and halt her feeble attack by jabbing the butt of my sword into her sternum. She falls to her knees and starts crying. I lean down to console( no frat guy can pass up a sorority school girl in need, right? ) and she starts telling me how she hates this stupid war and that there is no point to it. I then, randomly, happen to have a GIANT heart-shaped balloon( we are talking wider than me and half as tall here ) that I hand to her to console her. I do this, obviously, because my game is so fly that I don’t need to try. Then some other samurai frat boy comes in and pops the ballon. She gets real pissed and kicks the hell outta my frat brother. Then she wants to thank me and ends up in her undies( SCORE!! ). Then I woke up to the lovely sound of my alarm going off at 7am. God bless it.

Okay, this dream I call, “Scuffle in the Toxic River.”
This one starts out in a lab where some scientists are experimenting with extracting and mass-producing some rare snake venom. Well the lab ends up getting shut down and they have to dump this venom somewhere. So why not in the Monongahela river? You would think dumping thousands of tons of snake venom into a river would kill all the life right? Well in my dream it didn’t… it instead mutated a water mocassan and a.. get this… gorilla and made them sentient, inraged and frickin’ huge. So these two guys gotta battle it out in the river to see who is top dog. Meanwhile, while all that madness is happening my family and I manage to win a free, all expense paid trip to the Monongahela river that we, for some reason, take. Well we arrive at the battle scence of these two river-dwelling monstrosities( yeah, gorillas are water creatures here ) in the Mystery Machine, no idea why though. After my family gets out of the van, the van and my family are used as ammunition for the gorilla to throw at the snake. The snake dodges and my family swims to shore after being taken down-stream by the _raging_ currents the Mon is known for…. yeah. Well I am now alone and I bravely run up the gorilla’s arm and punch it in the eye. He( she? ) then grabs me and throws me at this giant snake. I straight make a cannon-ball dive into this things teeth. As I am about to go into it’s mouth it spits venom at me and changes my trajectory( we are talking HUGE monsters here ) and I end up hitting and shattering the things left fang. Then I fall to the water and that same part of the dream( from me getting tossed to shattering teeth to falling ) gets repeated over and over( maybe 10 times ) and I wake up.

Figure those out… I dare ya! These aren’t AS crazy as the one I posted a while ago.. the one where Brian is savior of the world because he got the most signatures, but they are still odd. I have about one dream this odd a week. Crazy I tell ya. Actually, they are usually Monday night because I am the most tired and can sleep the longest that night, so I dream better. I have more dreams I could tell you, but I don’t feel like typing anymore right now.


“I fed a duck a chicken nugget once… I feel kinda bad about it”
~Friend’s away message

October 19th, 2004

He Hath Forsaken

Apparently Zach has decided to forego updating the site in favor of “school work.” For his indiscretions, I dub him a heretic and seek a pound of his flesh for retribution.

I have not done school work in some time. My work ethic has, in fact, been completely drained away. I’m not sure how I’m going to fix this, but if I don’t do something soon I’m not going to have a job or a university to attend. Does anyone have any recommendations on how *not* to be a worthless slacker?

I watched The Girl Next Door and Fist of Legend the other day. I liked both movies. That’s all there is to it.

Sunday some good filming happened. We still have to finish up filming, and I’ll have to do the whole editing job over the weekend if I want to enter the film into the film festival, but I think we can pull it off. Hopefully the quality of the second battle doesn’t ruin everything. Yarr.

Monday I went to see Shindo-san at an International Fashion Show. She was, of course, extremely adorable. I haven’t found a clever way to get her to visit again - I think we scared her - but I’m sure I’ll think of something. I went to the show with Weslie, a wicked cool girl who was *supposed* to be visiting tonight but has instead shattered all my hopes and dreams by ditching us. Oh, and if you’ve never seen a bunch of Indian people moving around on stage doing poses taken straight out of Vogue, you’re missing out.

Anyhow, it’s time for me to go try to force myself to work. Cheers.

Show me what you’re working with.

October 17th, 2004

Why oh Why

Why do people believe in God? Have you ever seen God? It’s very doubtful you have. All you have to go on are the words of some people and writings in some books, so it’s very logical that you’d be skeptical.
But then, why do people believe Earth is round? Have you ever circumnavigated the planet? It’s very doubtful you have. All you have to go on are the words of some people and writings in some books.

What am I saying here? Am I telling you to believe in God? No, not really. Am I telling you to be skeptical of science? Nah. What’s the point?

No point, really. Just a thought.

Some filming went down yesterday, which I was very pleased with. The only bad moment was when my camera started to die near the end. I’m going to try to rememdy this problem today, but my hopes aren’t too high. I also did some random nonsense with Rebekah, who is Good People. With any luck, we’ll be showing off The Last Pirate very soon.

While you wait for that, I’m going to go see if I can reach the edge of the world. Later.

Minty fresh and better than the rest.

October 11th, 2004

Never Reformat. Ever.

Seriously, is there a reason that every single time I reformat my computer, something goes wrong? The last time, I lost my second backup CD. The time before that, I spent hours upon hours trying to fix the computer so that both Linux and Windows could boot properly. This time, I have misplaced my Microsoft Visual C++ CD. I was looking forward to programming a game this week, and now I freaking can’t. Not only that, but I need this CD for school and any other programming I need to do. Good lord, I hate reformatting.

If it weren’t for my miserable misfortune, today would have been spotless. It started out with some intense DDR, wherein I taught a few unbeatable songs what it’s like to be beaten by a red-headed stepchild. Honestly, I’m not even sure how I beat a few of the songs - for “So Deep,” my legs were moving on their own. Then we went to eat, and we took Anthony to a gym to prepare him for Kendo tomorrow. We got him up to speed on basic katas and form, and I’m pretty sure he’ll do fine. The police asked us to leave eventually (apparently we weren’t supposed to be there), and we returned to the room for a few hours. We went to watch Dodgeball later (a hilarious movie, which I’ve already mentioned on the site). We finally ended the night here, where I scoured the room looking for my missing CD.


I have to wake up in a few hours. Good night everyone.

If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball.

October 7th, 2004

Bash of the Japanese

I just got back from a very pleasurable Kendo class. The evening started out with Hiro (our sensei) and another sensei dueling each other. It was very hard to tell who was winning, but I think Hiro came out on top. Then we started training. This was probably the best training session yet, and I actually felt physically drained by the end. I keep making silly mistakes which I should correct, and I’ve discovered just how out-of-shape I am. I’d like to start training daily to correct these imperfections, and there’s a good chance I’ll do just that. OH! And Shindo-san showed up for Kendo. She’s awesome, and devilishly cute.

Speaking of Kendo, my shinai (bamboo sword) came in. Unfortunately, it turned out to be a complete waste of $25. The length of the sword is only fit for a child.

I was correct in my assessment of Donky Konga. I will likely never turn it on again. The only time I’ll play is when there are people over who want to play.

I skipped Statistics this morning. I’m really becoming a very, very bad student. I’ve been completely neglecting a lot of my responsibilities. I don’t really have a good reason. I just… don’t care anymore. I’m lacking in nearly all my motivation.

Okay, so I’m going to go. Sorry I don’t have many jokes to tell or anything humorous/important to say.

Call me.

October 3rd, 2004

Random update day

Let me start off with Donkey Konga. This game is great fun. I just bought it Friday and then yesterday I had to go out and get another set of bongos because Sowas and I taking turns was no fun. The game is a lot like DDR on bongos. You have four basics moves: left bongo, right bongo, clap, and both bongos. I really like the game, but unlike DDR, the difficulty is skewed so that Sowas and I both started playing on the hardest difficulty. This means that we will have the game “complete” MUCH faster than we did DDR. In fact, we’ve never completed a DDR. The game seems like it would be a grand party game, and I think people who don’t normally play video games would be more accustomed to hitting bongos than dancing on the mat. At least you look a little less like a fool that way.

And now for some ranting. I am sure everyone one that reads this site knows about the Mach 3 razor blade for men. Well, this razor is *the* best razor ever. I know I only shave once every few days, but when I do, that razor does the job and makes my skin all smooth and feeling sassy. *BUT* the problem with this blade isn’t how it works, it’s that it has spin-offs. Go into the men’s grooming section of Wal*Mart and you will notice THREE spin-offs of this blade. We have the Mach 3: Turbo, Power, and I think the red one is called Max or something. I am only guessing you get the turbo for when you are shaving on the go and only have .4 seconds to get that 5 O’clock shadow taken care of. Then for the Power, well that is obviously for shaving that facial hair that reminds one of a bear. You have to rip through that hair and need some POWER to take care of it. And the Max.. well I have no clue why you would need a razor of that caliber. Maybe if Jesus came in and asked for a shave, you should honor him with the MAX blade.

And as a final rant, what’s the deal with commercials for pills that get rid of genital herpes outbreaks faster!? Seriously, the people in there are all like, “I don’t want to be hassled by having to take a pill every day of my outbreak. I have life to live.” Or something like that. Hello!? Maybe you should of thought of that BEFORE sleeping with the guy you didn’t know at ALL. And apparently this “life” you have to live isn’t so PG rated, huh? The reason I say guy is because all of the poor, poor people in these commercials are beautiful women in bathing suits on the beach with their beau. I hope their new love interest knows about the fact that she has genital herpes. Or he is in for a REAL surprise when she hands him this prescription for genital herpes and just says, “Tag, you’re it.”

“Do you feel like you are spanking someone when you tap the side of your bongos?”