The Animal Farm

May 31st, 2004

Making fun of punk/emo is War, Brian

Alright, making fun of my lifestyle is one thing, but making fun of my music is something infinitely worse. So, Brian says you should trust his( horribly wrong ) opinion on music because he is a professional software engineer, eh? Well think of this: What does his vast( he’s right there, he is brilliant ) knowledge of computer programming and software design grant him in the field of music? Does his genius in computers make him an expert authority figure on music, more specifically, what is good and what isn’t? We all know this answer is no. Him making that comparison of computer knowlede to music knowledge is like me saying I can run a freaking company because I know a lot about video games. It is completely absurd and horribly wrong. Besides, the focker likes, nay, adores Duran Duran. Can you really trust a person that loves such a band? I think not. Below me Brian, below me. ~.^ ( You know I love you like a fat kid love cake. )

About my current( I hate it ) lifestyle. It is true that I am, in fact, a bum. However, this is in no way my choice. It took me 3 freaking weeks to get a job( start Wednesday ) and I just do what I want at the moment. He lies when he says my soul has been sucked by FFXI. I don’t play nearly as much as my away messages or previous posts might think. I do have friends and we do hang out. FFXI is only for nights in which I have nothing better to do. He is right that I stay up really late and sleep absurd hours. But it is just how I live at the moment. Hopefully with my new job I will be able to get into a normal sleeping habit. This will, obviously make my opinions on things like music and movies better because as we all know, in order to have sound opinions on music you have to sleep normal hours. Isn’t that right, Brian?

In other news, Ginnie is probably the single coolest female in existance. She also loves the same music as me, and since she is a female, that makes her always right over males. So, once again, below me Brian. Everyone should know that Ginnie = the greatness. That is all.

May 30th, 2004

Freaking Music

“This is not a test of the emergency broadcast system.”
“Please don’t play with me. My paper heart will bleed.”
“Girls don’t like boys. Girls like cars and money.”

These are lyrics I’ve heard from random punk/emo bands. I have one request - please, stop making music. If I have to suffer any more of these inane phrases, I’m going to hurl myself off the Golden Gate Bridge. I don’t live anywhere near said bridge, mind you - but if I’m going to jump off a bridge in response to horrid music, I’d like my mind filled with visions of grandeur and not phrases like “The glove compartment is inappropriately named.”

Now I must digress. I intentionally refused to make this site if Zach did not contribute because of two reasons: first, I enjoy doing things with Zach. Second, I knew the site would not be half as interesting if only one man were updating. But now I know I’m going to run into opposition from Zach as I say that all emo songs are the work of some sentient form of poo. So I’m going to get the argument out of the way before it even starts: Zach has his opinions on music, and I have my (infinitely more correct) opinions. Zach disagrees, and that’s fine. But at the end of the day, do you want to trust a professional software engineer with brilliant web design skills and filming talent, or would you rather believe a bum living in his basement who sleeps until 4 PM every day and has had his soul drained away by Final Fantasy XI?

That’s what I thought.

I’m compiling a list of things that irritate me. I’m thinking of filming something similar to “Foamy’s Rant” (if you’ve never seen it, look it up). I’m sure emo music will be on it, among other things.

In other news, I’ve finally got my team for the 72 Hour Game Development Competition worked out - Morganne and RougeFX, two very fine artists. We’re looking to storm the competition this time. However, I’m running out of places to announce, and it’s not getting quite the attention it has in the past. If anyone knows of places where people might be interested in such a thing, please tell me about them. Oh, and Zach - would you mind posting on FlashKit about it? I’m sure there are people there who would enjoy participating.

That’s everything right now. If my normal base of friends would get on AIM to talk, that’d be great. I’m gettig lonely over here. I’m nibbling on my own arm.

Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto.

May 28th, 2004

Chillin’, as usual

Well, Brian keeps asking me to update our site, and it seems I only do when he brings it up. That seems to be the case lately. To tell you folks the truth, my life at home isn’t the most eventful of things. I am only really in a mood to talk about things that may be humorous, or are at least humorous to my friends and I when my mind is actually… doing something. When I am at home my usual schedule is to wake up between 3 and 5pm, shower, eat if I feel hungry( usually not the case ), and then play Final Fantasy XI( FFXI ) until the wee hours of the morn, ie 5 or 6am. Sometimes, more often than not, my buddy Dan gives me a ring on his way home from summer classes and comes over to either stay the night( play video games until 5am ) or hang for a bit( play video games until 1 or 2 am). Oh yeah, my brother and sister are in the mix of doing stuff as well.

Now let me talk about something that isn’t the seeming tedium that is my life( it isn’t really boring, it just isn’t mentally stimulating ). Aqua Teen Hunger Force is possibly the funniest 15 minutes of anyone who watches the show’s life. I strongly suggest that anyone reading this changes their television channel to Cartoon Network from the hours of midnight and 12:30 Monday through Thursday. Cartoon Network is nice enough to run two episodes a night. The show is so good that it has been granted my eyes watching it regularly. I normally watch TV rarely, I prefer browsing the internet for entertainment, so I never watch TV shows regularly, barring a few *cough* reality tv shows *cough* that is. But Aqua Teen Hunger Force is simply amazing. Watch it. Its good. Period.

Onto another topic of my talk. Wireless internet.
I have just recently purchased a wireless router, and let me tell you, it is grand. I am currently on my back porch updating this site ^^. It is simply grand.

I had to reformat my computer the other day because all of the spyware on my sister’s computer decided to migrate over my new network to mine. And I would have been too bothered to just fix it. I ran Adaware and Spybot, removed all the unfamiliar programs from my machine with Add/remove programs in the control panel, but some stuff did not go away. So I pulled out the legendary trump card, the Dell Restoration CD, and went to work. I ended up using a mere 5 cds to back up all of my data, 4 of which were just MP3’s. Well that 5th cd, the most important one, didn’t burn right. So I lost all of my flash development, minus the biggest ongoing project I have. 4 years of flash programming, lost. The sperm game on this site is now the only copy of it I have. Play it to make it not feel so lonely ^^. I was pretty pissed off/upset when I put the cd in and it would not read. None of the three computers in my house would read this cd. So now I have a new coaster with all of my important data in it. Thank you adware and spyware creators, I hope you die a horrible death, like syphilis or something. Only you don’t get it from sex, you get it from something that isn’t pleasurable, you bastards.

Alright, I consider this sufficient.

“Hello there ladies, I’d like you to meet my friend, Goliath. We had to order special elastic pants off the internet for him.” ~Carl, neighbor of the Aqua Teens.

May 28th, 2004

I Have No Words

I’m sitting here waiting to have a meeting with the CSP crew. I’m procrastinating a bit of work, because I am unnaturally tired right now. Immediately after the meeting, I’m probably going to go back to sleep. Before that, however, I though I’d upate here.

My activities have grown somewhat monotonous as of late. Jen’s in Vegas and I haven’t seen Nikki in some time, so I’m left here with only my work. I haven’t had the motivation to work on my scripts or do any reading. In fact, between eating, sleeping, and working, I’m not doing much else. But I may be seeing Whitney Monday, and that will be particularly nice. Jen should also be back soon. Maybe things are looking up.

As I announced three days ago, the third 72 Hour GDC is coming up. There have already been conflicts concerning that, but I think they’ve all been settled. Bah - conflict is a waste of oxygen.

My friend Anthony sent me some music from his band Endless. It’s some great stuff, and I recommend that if ever you should be in a capacity to get the music, you get it without hesitation.

You should visit Penny Arcade. It’s hilarious.

Speaking of hilarious, did I ever tell you kids that I created a comic? I never inked it or put it on the computer - really, the only testament to its existence is in a little black sketchbook lying on top of a box. I *might* try to put it up here, as I really enjoyed making it. I’ve shown it to some people, and they say (or, at the very least, fake saying) that it’s humorous.

Zach, again, you really need to update. The people are tired of hearing about me. I’m tired of talking about me. Really, I think it’s best for everyone if we didn’t have to put up with me for a while.

Check yo’self, foo’.

May 26th, 2004

Too Little Sleep

It’s currently 8 AM. I’ve been up for 3 hours so far. As it turns out, going to sleep at 10 PM is *not* something my body agrees with. I woke up a good three times (after some very trippy dreams) before finally deciding that I was just going to give up on this whole “sleep” idea and do some work.

If you own a Nokia Series 40 cell-phone (7210, 6610, and a few other phones), there are some exciting games coming your way that I had a hand in creating. I don’t know how much I can divulge because I’m under NDA, but rest assured that once I’m notified that the games are released I’ll be making a public announcement.

I’m feeling a little energetic today, so I might work on one of my scripts or do some more development on Dungeon Kid. We’ll see how that turns out. Before that, however, I think I’m going to go try to get some sleep that I missed.

I need a hero.

May 25th, 2004

Wicked Things Afoot

The next 72 Hour Game Development Competition has been announced! Go here to read up all about it. I’m looking forward to this competition. Hopefully I’ll have enough time to enter it myself - work keeps me busy sometimes.

My daddy got a new computer, and it’s probably the most glorious piece of machinery I’ve ever seen. I’ll start by describing the case - it’s got a window on the side with all sorts of blue lights and fancy wiring. On the front there are all sorts of guages to monitor temperature and such, and there are holes so that the blue light can shine through. I imagine the machine looks very manly in the dark. Now the interior - I’m not sure exactly what’s inside this machine, but I think there are some divine prophecies being fulfilled or insane chemical reactions that make it run faster than any computer I’ve ever witnessed. I played a few games - FarCry was pretty awesome, and Hitman 2 was pretty trippy. I didn’t play either long though. I think it’s at this time that I should say that if any company would like to send me free games, I will not hesitate to review them here. :-)


May 23rd, 2004

Been a while

Hello people that view this site of ours.
It has been a while since I have updated our little site. Many reasons really, none of which justify not updating, but reasons all the same. Reason number one is, and always will be, my laziness to stick to anything I should do regularly. Hell, I don’t even take my contacts out every 3 nights like I am supposed too. Another reason would be the randomness that is my life at home. I usually start my day off bright and early, *cough* between 3 and 5pm *cough*, and then just sit at my computer for a bit. Usually my friend Dan calls me to do something, or another friend calls me or just stops by. I never plan my days ahead of time, never have. Lately I have been doing stuff with the brother or sister, trying to play a little catch up on lost time over the past nine months I was at college. Or I am just playing Final Fantasy XI, the soul-sucking godsend that it is. I do play that game as much as I can, which isn’t as much as I want, rather unfortunate. I am not feeling particularly in the mood, so to speak, for talking about anything meaningful or serious, I usually get in one of those moods after a dramatic event happens to me or a close one. But I am kind of in a talkative mood, if you haven’t guessed by now. So I will talk about my evening excursion with the Father and Brother to Wheeling Downs Casino.

Well, we went and I gambled, I didn’t gamble much as I am currently unemployed and I hate, I stress hate, borrowing money from anyone, especially my parents. I feel they supported for the first 18 years of my life, I should now. If there is one thing I consider myself pretty good at it is betting on dog races at Wheeling Downs. Last time we went I was 11 for 11 on the dogs, picking the first and second place winners every time. Not the order they placed( I would be much richer if I did ) but always the two top dogs. Well we got there later tonight and missed the first 7 races, but we bet on 3 anyhow. The first race I bet on 2 dogs, but I only picked on right out of the 2 I bet, so I lost. The second race I picked the top three winning dogs, a ticket worth 85 dollars. Shame I didn’t bet on that one, but my dad did, so he was happy I am good at it. The third race I messed up and only picked the first place dog, not the second. But besides coming out of there 4 dollars ahead, it was a great night. Felt good to just hang out with the Father and Brother, no freaking estrogen around to make us act different than we did. Don’t get me wrong, I love the ladies, you know who I am talking about, but sometimes, it is nice to get away from ‘em. ^.^

Alright, I am talked out for this late evening. If I manage to think of anything fun, I will be sure to post it.

May 22nd, 2004

Driving Woes

Most people will agree that serious conversation is not my forte. When it comes to engaging in heart-to-heart bonding, I shy away like my very words are eating away my flesh. Indeed, you’ll rarely talk to me without experiencing my odd humor or my quirky mannerisms or my plain avoidance of any “important” topics. However, I’m going to open up to you - my entire audience - a bit tonight.

I hate driving. Nay, hate is probably not the appropriate word. I’m terrified of driving. Every time I get in my car, I worry that I will be involved in a collision of vehicles so brutal that my body will be obliterated, leaving only my smoking shoes behind. It’s not that I’m a bad driver - I’m fully confident in my driving skills. The primary reason I’m afraid is that I don’t trust people who aren’t me to make appropriate decisions when driving. Furthermore, I know that I am also prone to occassional mistakes - one such mistake did cause an accident.

The situation expands beyond that. I’m fearful when I’m in the car and another person is driving, too. I’m so ridiculously tense that sometimes I feel like just screaming, “Back the hell away from that car! There’s no need to be that close!”

I know this is a problem. I try to relax, but I simply haven’t succeeded. I’m more or less facing my fears - unlike before, I’m not allowing my feelings to inhibit me from driving. But still - it feels bad.

That’s all about that topic. There are other things going on, none of which I particularly feel like talking about right now. I saw Shrek 2 tonight, which was a decent little movie - I thought that what they did with setting scenes to real songs was a shrewd maneuver that too few movies do. I’ve seen some reviews that it’s somewhat racist, but this just seems silly to me. I looked, and I saw nothing racist.

Zach - update, fool. I miss you. I
Dream until your dreams come true.

May 21st, 2004

Working Like a Dog

Another update on Brian land:

I’m still working with CSP-Mobile, and things are going alright. My girlfriend is off to Vegas to see Celine Dion of all people - personally, I wouldn’t leave me for a week to see her, but whatever. I’m extremely tired, and cicadas are scary as all hell when you’ve never encountered one before.

Space Birdz is a mighty fine game that everyone should check out. It’s been created by a programmer I used to talk to, so I figure I should pimp it out.

I’m back to work on Dungeon Kid, a cell-phone game that I worked on some time ago that never saw market like it should have (as is the fate of most of my games). This time it’s being created with J2ME, not that *crappy* Mophun, so I’m hoping things will work out better.

I’ve also been working on ironing out some of the bugs in the rules of the 72 Hour Game Development Competition. The next competition will probably be the 25th of June, and I’m hoping everyone can attend. We always get a good turnout with these competitions.

I think I need to go play some more video games. I haven’t properly played a video game in some time.

j00 no eye

May 18th, 2004

Gas Prices

Here’s what’s going on in Brian land recently.

The last few days, I’ve been doing quite a few things - none of which I’m in the least bit sad about. The majority of my time is being juggled between my girlfriend, my friend Nikki, and my job at CSP-Mobile. I’ve seen the Martinsburg mall more times than I could ever care to count, and I’ve been catching up on a lot of sleep. I spent one or two nights watching the entire Red Vs. Blue, which is quite grand (their Mac Switch and Public Service Announcement 3 are works of genius).

At this time, I would like to thank my sister for eating all the Hot Pockets. I’m starving over here now, you ho.

Oh, and another thing. I would like to thank the SUV-driving gas-guzzling sons of ******* that have helped to raise gas prices. Your contributions to our ecosystem, our economy, and our happiness are inspiring.